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Success Rides Up

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Where does it come from? Is it given to us from the outside, from a vendor, from a component that we purchase/integrate? Is it cultivated from what we adopt, those who we bring into the fold? Does it come from us? I’m talking about success.

Conventional wisdom has us chasing the next best thing. It has us cutting the fat and spending the cheap. If you felt this type of strategy before and have not seen the grand benefits (except in unnecessary stress), then hit the Like and Share buttons and let’s dive right into it!

As an individual contributor at work, we find ourselves working towards completing each of our tasks to the best of our abilities. Our own success mostly rides on the quality of our completed work. But what happens when you have a team that impacts everyone’s success?

When you have tasks that are to be completed by multiple people within your team, success must be looked at differently. If we only focus on what we achieve as an individual, then we will fail at our position and more importantly fail our team. So where does the true measure of management success start from? Take your end goal, and work backwards to your starting point. From here, you can establish your required working pace, production run rate, or required yield at specific points of the process. Of course, it will vary depending on what business you are in. This helps present your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). The better that we understand each of our indicators, the better we can see where they are coming from – your team’s different tasks and/or responsibilities.

Now we have your indicators, we know where they occur, who owns that specific task – now what? Begin to support your team! Support the operators, engineers, managers, whoever plays a contributing role towards the success of that given task. If you want a strong plant, trimming the tops of its leaves won’t get you there. It comes down to how well you water and nurture its growth. Just the same for success as with the plant, success doesn’t come from your office chair; it comes from those on the front lines performing the needed tasks to achieve each KPI. Nurture their growth, remove their obstacles, and support their success. And in this, we find that success rides up. It rides up from the support that we put into it and results in our own success, ultimately the team’s success.

Where is your focus on success for your team? Are you a leader with only your success in mind, or do you nurture success to rise upwards? Comment below on how you create your team’s success.

Thanks for reading.

Rick V.


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